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  1. fuiiso's Avatar
    I started to practice online datings with girls on and came up with a question regarding competence. If the punctuality is the politeness of the kings, so the competence is the politeness of the Internet-users. Am I right? And also it is the first evidence that you are quite clever. You need to try not make simple mistakes at least. In case of doubts should I look for the answers in dictionaries or thematical sites?
  2. Damian's Avatar
    I like to look at beautiful women. When you use dating sites to search, you can be sure that you'll see an attractive girl on a date. I know that it takes a lot of time. Enough look through this site to understand it. But every time when I see beautiful hairstyles and fluffy eyelashes it delights me. Girls, be always like this!
  3. Damian's Avatar
    I tried several dating sites before I dropped it. Too often, my expectations were faced with reality, not in my favor. Although it was undoubtedly a rewarding experience)) Now I know all about false eyelashes and I can even advise right tacky glue. This is certainly a joke, but I learned a lot about the beauty of chatting on dates. Now I prefer to start dating in real life, as it gives you a clear understanding of whether this person suits you. I'm far beyond 40 and I don't want to waste time.