1. World of Warcraft Jobs Hunter

    World of Warcraft Jobs Hunter

    ****Azeroth is home to many beasts. From Lordaeron to Kalimdor, you can find a wide variety of creatures everywhere. They are very friendly, others are fierce - but they all have one thing in common. Every creature has a special connection with the hunter.

    ****Professional characteristics
    ****Ability to tame and control all kinds of beasts
    ****Ability to use the cheetah guard and wolf guard to speed up the movement ...
  2. World of warcraft classic: Dryad

    World of warcraft classic: Dryad

    ****The Celts were a native of Gaul, Britain, Ireland, Europe, Asia Minor and the Balkans from the 5th century BC to the 1st century AD. Druid priests are proficient in divination, meticulous in rituals, and longer in calendars, medicine, astronomy, and literature... At the same time, they are synonymous with law enforcers, bards, and explorers. Both men and women can be Druid priests, serving as priests, mages or prophets within the family, ...
  3. Modification partielle des compétences professionnelles

    Modification partielle des compétences professionnelles

    Flèche de corrosion:
    Erosion réduite: 15% → 10%.
    La flèche de corrosion après la réduction du niveau d’érosion n’est plus fatale.

    Flèche attaquante:
    La valeur PA de la flèche de lancement est augmentée d'un point: 3 → 4
    Augmentation de la zone d'effet des dégâts croisés avec un effet de dégâts égal à 1.
    L'effet du sort est examiné (test de petite ...
  4. World of Warcraft Classic - Warrior

    World of Warcraft Classic - Warrior

    Skill introduction

    Fighting howling - increase the team's melee and ranged attack capabilities.
    Intimidating and screaming - the soldiers scream, causing the target enemy to stop the battle, and all the other nearby enemies will be afraid to escape for a few seconds.
    Weaken howling - weaken melee damage from nearby enemies.
    Provocative screaming - attracting all nearby enemies to attack the warriors. This ...
  5. Warcraft Warrior Detailed Explanation

    Warcraft Warrior Detailed Explanation

    ****The warrior is a career in the game "World of Warcraft" with close combat, can be a violent fighter, can also become a steel-like god, with its super resistance to damage to protect the rear teammates.

    ****Character Description: Warrior is a close-family-based occupation: Broken ribs can make the enemy disabling and slow down (Melee skills, slow down by 50%). Fighting roars can improve the combat ability ...
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