1. "Path of Exile" PS4 development completed, released in mid-March continues in the pla

    The path from the exiled developer Grinding Gear Games updates the upcoming PlayStation 4 version of the game and indicates that development on the platform has been completed and the release date is expected to be announced.

    After several delays in the PlayStation 4 version, the overall game was released on the December 2018 window, and after the February estimate was further reduced to 2019, the new version of the action and the time frame showed some comprehensibility. Uncertainty. ...
  2. Path of Exile developers hope that melee fighting will become less cumbersome

    Path of Exile developers has turned their attention to melee fighting in major reform games.

    With the release of Path of Exile, the most recent release of Synthesis, developers have improved the projection mechanism for the experience. This is primarily an electronic number game because developers can almost rebalance all spells.

    Next, melee fighting. In the article, Grinding Gear Games revealed that Buy POE Orbs the melee fighting plan that will be implemented soon ...