1. no one wow classic gold remembers

    I've only ever seen 1 discussion topic about this so it appears as though no one wow classic gold remembers, or perhaps me and my buddies are the only ones who care. But there's also much resistance for spells against gamers in pvp on private servers, it is practically the same as player vs telescope immunity. My friend and I'd always raid Astranar on our own when we had been leveling up our initial characters, and one of our favourite memories was the first time we killed a? Rogue, he played with ...
  2. other kind of mobs for wow classic gold

    In vanilla we needed to kill other kind of mobs for wow classic gold randomly devour the ones which we needed for wow classic gold instance killing fighters to spawn magi or shaman mobs etc and murdering an lvl 56 could respawn as 57 or 58, of course many were fixed each location in vanilla as well but not.) Different behavior, quest mechanics on escort quests are usually different and waypoints and paths, for example most chicken escort quests have lil different waypoints and ambush mobs spawn ...