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  1. Differentiate Semi Automatic and fully automatic washing machine?

    If someone looking to buy a washing machine what machine he/she should buy? What's are the difference between them?
  2. What is the best refrigerator in india?

    What refrigerators are good and what things we should keep in mind while choosing the refrigerator company?
  3. What Small Scale Businesses are Most Profitable Nowadays?

    Let's have a views on what are the most profitable businesses nowadays that can be started at small scale.
  4. What are the Advantages of Debt Financing?

    When a Firm borrows money to be paid back in future with interest is called debt financing. It could be a secured as well as an unsecured loan. There are quite a few advantages of debt financing and can help improve the credit score in the long run. The interest rates on Business Loans are usually much lower than the cost of equity. One can also avail tax deductions on the interest paid and hence it gives the debtor tax shields. Debt holders do not have voting rights in the business or in the day ...
  5. Can a BAMS Doctor Practice Allopathy?

    In India, can BAMS Doctors practice Allopathy or not?
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