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    Purchasing the best mattress in India is no mean task. You may find so many brands and alternatives in India in the market, and hence; you may be spoiled for choices. To help you out, we have singled out some quality brands whose mattresses are known for quality, comfort and durability. Have a look:

    Best selling mattresses in India

    Centuary Orthopaedic With Anti Microbial Technology Mattress

    • Length 72 inch x width 72 inch x thickness 5 inch
    • Support type – High resilience HR Foam
    • Comfort layer – High resilience HR Foam
    • Removable cover

    Price in India – Rs.13,600.

    SleepX APT by Sleepwell Single PU Foam Mattress

    • Length 72 inch x width 36 inch x thickness 6 inch
    • Support type – PU Foam
    • Comfort layer – High resilience HR Foam
    • Dual comfort mattress

    Price in India – Rs.6,000.

    Springtek Dreamer Bonnell Queen Spring Mattress

    • Length 75 inch x width 60 inch x thickness 6 inch
    • Support type – Bonnell Spring
    • Comfort layer – PU Foam
    • Sag resistant mattress

    Price in India – Rs.8,500.

    Loved the features of these mattresses? You can now divide the cost of any best mattresses brand in India and pay only fixed EMIs to ease out your purchase without issues.
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    The difference between fully automatic washing machine and semi-automatic washing machine is as follows:

    Fully automatic washing machine- After you put in your clothes and add detergent, you do not need to do anything until the machine alerts you after finishing. Washing, rinsing, spinning etc is all done by the machine. No need of manual intervention at all.

    Semi-automatic washing machine- The washing is done in one compartment and spinning is done in another. You have to transfer the clothes to one compartment to another and squeeze the water by your hands.

    For detail information on differences between semi and fully automatic washing machines, read the blog.
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    PAN stands for Permanent Account Number and is issued by the Income Tax Department of India. It is a 10-digit alphanumeric number, which is a necessary proof of identity in India, along with being the most vital financial document. PAN Card details are needed when you have to file your Income Tax Returns (ITRs) to pay taxes.

    Nowadays, it is dead easy to apply for a PAN Card online on the NSDL website without issues. You can fill the Form 49A for individuals, pay a small processing charge of Rs.110, and either –eSign and attach documents or send physically to NSDL Centre.

    Once done, you can get your PAN Card dispatched to your proof of address within 14-15 days. If you choose to get your e-PAN downloaded, then it will take less time. It is because you can download the PAN Card’s soft copy. In this condition, your physical PAN Card is not dispatched. An e-PAN Card is as valid as a physical PAN Card, and you can start quoting PAN details for financial tasks and wherever required.

    Other than filing the ITRs, you can use a PAN Card for many more purposes. It may be done for opening bank accounts, availing loans, foreign exchange and more.

    If you are ready to apply for a PAN Card in India, then you can land on the website of NSDL now, follow easy instructions, get it made quickly. Once done, you will be able to carry out many financial tasks in India without concerns.
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    The difference between fully automatic washing machine and semi-automatic washing machine is as follows:

    Fully automatic washing machine- After you put in your clothes and add detergent, you do not need to do anything until the machine alerts you after finishing. Washing, rinsing, spinning etc is all done by the machine. No need of manual intervention at all.

    Semi-automatic washing machine- The washing is done in one compartment and spinning is done in another. You have to transfer the clothes to one compartment to another and squeeze the water by your hands.

    If you are looking for best Semi Automatic washing machine under 15000 then check out the list.
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    To know the best fridge company you have to know what you are looking for. Let us see some factors you should keep in mind while choosing a refrigerator of a fridge company:

    1. Know your requirements- There are a range of different refrigerators available in the market. You need to decide what kind of fridge you need depending upon inward space you need to store in your items according to your family size.

    2. The options available to you- There are several brands in India manufacturing and selling refrigerators. Check the specifications that suit your needs.

    3. Research and comparing before buying- It is always a good decision to research and compare features and prices online of the refrigerator brands.

    4. Study the features- There are refrigerators that come with stars indicating its energy efficiency. Some are specifically designed for super freezing, cooling, freshness technology, stainless steel, more space etc.

    However, the following are the top rated refrigerator models offered by best refrigerator brands in India that you could buy for your home.

    • Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Direct Cool Refrigerator
    • Whirlpool 340 L 3 Star Frost-free Refrigerator
    • LG 190 L 4 Star Direct Cool Refrigerator
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    Small businesses have now gained high attention from entrepreneurs. They are the best start-up and can easily get financial aid from the government and from other sources for the required capital. Before starting a business, it is common to ask “What small business is most profitable today?”

    There are types of small businesses you can start:

    Online Business
    • Web Designing
    • Start Online Courses
    • Start YouTube Channel
    • Start E-commerce Store
    • Blogging
    • Graphic and App Designing

    Tutoring and Consulting
    • Start business consulting
    • Coaching Centre
    • Home Tuition
    • Start Play School
    • Start Yoga Training

    Small Manufacturing Business
    • Sell Handcraft
    • Baking
    • Tailoring and Alteration
    • Make Handmade Jewellery
    • Soft Toy Manufacturing
    • Chalk Manufacturing
    • Candle Manufacturing
    • Boutique
    • Production of Flour

    Tips to Start your Business:

    • Take help from the experts available over the internet
    • Analyse your skills and find the area you wish to work
    • Choose the area in which you have deep knowledge
    • Plan to promote your business
    • Find ways to grow your business

    Moreover, no prior experience is required to start such businesses and see your business growing in a few months to years.
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    Ayurveda or Homeopathy doctors are not allowed to practice Allopathy in India as they belong to 2 different medicinal disciplines. However, the National Medical Commission Bill, 2017 seeks to change the apex medical education regulator, which will allow individuals with BAMS degree to practice Allopathy.
    This decision was taken to improve the communication between individuals practising Homeopathy, Indian Systems of Medicine, and modern Systems of Medicines. Although the bill is not passed yet, it is showing significant enthusiasm amongst peers in the medical industry as the new bill will allow a unified system and wider acceptance from practitioners hailing from different streams.

    It is likely to introduce a uniform system in the Indian medical industry. Doctors will also be able to cater to a significantly larger number of patients in a more efficient manner. If needed, they can set up their clinic or practice with healthcare finance, providing a monetary boost to overcome the financial strain during purchase and installation of new equipment.

    Although BAMS doctors cannot practice Allopathy as of now, it is likely that the bill will be soon passed to merge the different systems of medicine under one unified umbrella. The bill is also poised to tackle corruption and unhealthy practices, which has brought the Indian healthcare industry under scrutiny several times. It will also help overcome the low doctor-patient ratio across the country, and allow new graduates and existing practitioners a wider field to practice and improve their earning.
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    An applicant can pursue CA certification course after becoming a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. There is a significant advantage to achieve an ACCA accreditation.

    ACCA offers more opportunities for an individual to venture into the global financial market. However, it does not allow that person to practice as a CA in India. An individual with an ACCA and CA certification can start their own CA firm and can explore a vast employment opportunity on both Indian and international soil.

    It has become significantly easier for individuals to pursue CA course after ACCA certification thanks to the revised guidelines and the availability of professional loan for chartered accountant. Practitioners can apply for credits to mitigate their personal and professional requirements, allowing them to overcome any financial strain witnessed during the CA course.

    CA and ACCA certificate holders are likely to have a significant boost in their career. ACCA is recognised in more than 130 countries, and an individual can work in some of the best accounting firms and multinational companies across the world.

    CA certification from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India opens a wide career prospect inside the country. One can associate with any private or public sector financial institution, work as an auditor, or open a CA firm to explore entrepreneurial opportunities. They can also opt for a personal loan for chartered accountants to start or grow their business.
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    If you are considering starting a call centre, some of the best financing options are –

    Get in touch with a financial institution
    To start a call centre, one needs substantial capital. Therefore, an individual can apply for a business loan from a reputed financial agency. Settle on a lender that offers competitive interest rates and other repayment-friendly features.

    Approach venture capitalists
    Venture capitalists can provide start-ups with professionally managed funds if they see tremendous success potential. VCs invest in equities, and when the businesses release their IPOs or acquisitions happens.

    Angel investment
    Angel investors possess surplus cash which they are ready to invest in promising start-ups. They earn their share once the business grows to its full potential.

    Funding is essential to take advantage of an upcoming economy and grow your business. With these financing options, you can open and expand your call centre business with ease.
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    In one word, inventory management is:
    - “System to smooth the flow of goods from storage to manufacturing workshops”.

    A singular motto of Inventory management is:
    - “Increase business profitability with better utilisation of the resources”.

    Inventory management is understanding how much stock an organisation has, where is it located, when it is required, and how to deliver it most efficiently.

    It is important to maintain a balance of stock in storage as less than adequate raw materials can stop the production line whereas large finished product storage can pile up costs.

    Companies implement different inventory management techniques to keep track of their inventory. Larger companies invest in completely automated systems whereas SMEs and MSMEs often opt for a mix of manual and computer-aided management systems.

    Here are some features that a good inventory management systems should follow:

    1- Keeping Track of Inventory - It ensure that either inventory stock is always in balance or not
    2- Inventory System Security - It ensure the integrity remains intact or not
    3- Growth - An inventory a management system should have built-in scalability to grow with business
    4- Integrity - To maintain a proper data flow, it should be good at communicating skills
    Other than the inventory management tools, it also differs on the logistics, and types of inventory the business has to manage. It is a part of supply chain management.

    A business owners’ guide to inventory management should include better optimisation of available resources, the economic value of the entire stock, and various methods to optimise the inflow and outflow of goods. Proper inventory management can help a business grow to a significant height within a short period.
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    Medical professionals in India can avail a loan of Rs. 25 Lakh or more by following the steps mentioned below –

    1- Maintain financial discipline and high CIBIL score
    No financial institution grants a loan to a person who is not creditworthy. Maintaining a CIBIL score of 750 and above is a must to avail a medical professionals loan. Settling all previous debts and taking on new loans judiciously are important to reach this benchmark.

    2- Showcase work experience
    A doctor looking to avail a loan must have been in active practice for at least 2 years after obtaining the MBBS degree. For those who are more qualified and have postgraduate degrees like MD and MS or DNB, a work experience of around 5 years is required by lenders. Ayurveda and homeopathic practitioners require more work experience.

    3- Keep essential documents handy
    All KYC documents must be kept at hand when applying for a medical professional loan. These include personal ID like Aadhaar, passport, PAN card, etc.

    Applicants also have to submit bank account statements for the last 3 months and degree certificates.

    4- Submit recent income proof
    Most lenders will require some form of income proof before they approve loans. It is best to keep recent income proof like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account Statement, salary slips, Form 16, etc.

    Since doctors who wish to start their own practice requires a lot of capital up-front, these loans are made available readily by financial institutions. Fulfilling these criteria makes availing a medical professional loan of up to Rs 25 Lakh straightforward.

    Additional Read: Your Guide on Physician Mortgage Loans
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    Following the points mentioned below are a few ways through which you can get new clients for your CA firm.

    1- Identify your ideal clients
    To choose the best clients for your firm, you need to identify the business you want to work with. Since businesses belonging to every niche need accounting services, you get the liberty to choose the field where you want to work. Then, make a list of all your potential clients.

    2- Create a good website
    Nowadays, it is practically impossible for a business to succeed unless they have an online presence. Most individuals, looking for products and services turn to the internet for solutions. That is why you need a good website with detailed information about your services to get potential clients.

    3- Get referrals from your existing clients
    Referrals from existing clients can instil confidence on your services for your new clients.

    4- Simplify accounting for your clients
    To increase your client retention rate, you need to make accounting more accessible for them. Accounting can be quite complicated, even for people who have been dealing with it before. That is why it is best to simplify your services and help your clients understand what you offer.

    5- Upgrade software and integrate technology
    Make sure your CA firm has the latest software and technology which enables you to provide value-added service to your clients.

    Following the ways above can help you to streamline your services and generate more prospective clientele. Even though some of the ways mentioned above are cost-intensive, you can easily avail a business loan for chartered accountants to finance them.
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    The future of nanotechnology in India is promising as well as a bit sceptic. Our governmental initiatives dominate the landscape of this sector. Investments from the government have boosted the global publications, scientific collaborations and also the institution’s numbers.

    Nanotechnology is mostly positively viewed in the country. The common issues that that can be faced with these technology are:

    1- funding
    2- commercialisation
    3- risk regulations
    4- benefits distributions

    In which the funding problem has reduced to a great extent as there are numbers of private and public lenders as well as NBFCs in market who can support funding to initiate a service in this field. If you have started business in this field for either research work or services providing, you may avail professional loans at lower interest rates with applied eligibility.

    The impact of nanotechnology in India:

    >> India has published more than 23,000 papers on Nano science. It ranked 3rd in paper publishing.

    >> 300 patent applications have been noted. The numbers have increased since 2006

    There is ample space for improvement. The money spent on this sector by India is a fraction of what the USA, France and Japan are spending currently. Moreover, the quality of research has only mildly improved since the 2006 NSTI phase. The private sector has contributed moderately to this sector.

    Nanotechnology benefits:

    Here are the reasons why you should invest in it.

    It manufactures new materials such as Nano-tubes and Nano-particles which can revolutionise the entire manufacturing industry.

    It transforms the way humans obtain and utilise energy. It has the potential to create a more economical base for solar power generation.

    This technology can bring significant advancements in the medicinal field. It can be sent to a patient’s arteries to clear out his blockage. Moreover, it can make surgeries more accurate and easier.

    The emergence of nanotechnology in India comes with a whole lot of incentives. If rightly invested by private sectors, it can transform the nation from a developing country to a developed one.
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    Financial institutions have simplified the process to avail CA loans. You are required to meet the essential eligibility criteria and submit the required documents to avail a chartered accountant loan online with favourable terms.

    To avail a CA loan, you are required to determine a suitable lender according to your needs. Conduct detailed research to find out a financial institution that offers the lowest interest rates. Also, check the associated costs related to such advances to ensure that the total debt obligation is comparatively less.

    You will be aware of procedure for chartered accountant loan with the help of the points mentioned below.

    Application process
    After you decide the lender, you are required to visit their official website and fill up an online application form. Along with the form, you need to submit the necessary documents. Financial institutions will conduct a thorough verification of your documents after that. If your loan application is approved, you will receive the sanctioned amount in your account within a few working days.

    Eligibility criteria

    You are required to meet the following eligibility criteria to avail such credits.
    >> Hold an active certificate of practice for at least 4 years.
    >> Must be an Indian resident.
    >> Have a regular source of income.
    >> Hold a healthy CIBIL score, preferably over 750

    Now that you know how to apply for chartered accountant loan, avail such credits to fund your required expenses. Also, ensure that you keep the required documents ready for a smooth process.
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    The answer is probably NO. Business loan requires eligibility, and some of the common eligibility conditions are: -

    >> Your business needs to have a minimum vintage of at least 3 years. If the same condition is not fulfilled, availing a business loan can be extremely difficult. And, based on your question, I doubt if your business even has one year of business vintage. If my anticipation is incorrect, you can proceed with applying for a business loan if you qualify the following condition.

    >> You must have a post-graduation work experience of at least three years along with a stable source of income to qualify.

    >> Your debt-to-income ratio i.e. the ratio of total amount paid as EMI against how much you earn every month should be on the lower side, at least less than 20-30% in order to be even considered for a business loan.

    There are several other things that matters to apply for a business loan. You may check these things at business loan eligibility criteria. it is required to know No lender would mind a person taking another loan as long as he/she is capable of repaying it back comfortably. So, find out a good lender who is interested in offering you a business loan and then apply. Once approved, the loan amount will be disbursed directly in your bank account.
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    All kinds of online services are getting really popular so I think that it's the most prospective field.
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    Yes, some entrepreneurs need capital for a startup. I advise you to pay attention to personal loan sure approval philippines. This will give you the opportunity to quickly get the necessary money without additional checks and paper delays. Wise people choose quick cash loans.
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    I won't be able to agree with you fully. The classic pill treatment doesn't always win. I know many cases where painkillers could be addictive. Read the medical blog and see for it, VISIT THEIR WEBSITE. I myself use CBD oil instead of painkillers and I see an excellent result of such treatment. Even my migraines stopped bothering me too often.
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