1. What would happen if you don't repay the Mudra loan or the CGTMSE?

    If you fail to pay the loan withdrawn under the MUDRA or CGTMSE scheme within the stipulated time (7 years in case of a MUDRA loan), the financial institution will take steps according to their framed repayment policy. The authorities explain their terms and conditions to a borrower before disbursing a loan.

    If you do not pay a loan before the deadline, the authorities first send you a notice directing you to repay it as soon as possible.

    In case you still do not initiate ...
  2. After availing an education loan, can one apply for a business loan?

    If a person have already applied for an education loan then what will be their business loan eligibility. He/she is applicable for this finance or not. If yes, then what will be the procedure for the same?
  3. Suggest the ways to improve the CIBIL score from 550 to 750?

    We know that in order to avail a loan, a good credit score is a basic requirement. If you have a low score, there are ways to increase your credit score:

    Pay the bills on time as this will help to avoid late payments of loans, bills, mobile phones, etc as this has a great impact on the overall credibility of an individual

    If you have no credit rating, avail short-term low amount loan and repay on time will provide a great boost in credit score. For a quick increase ...