1. After availing an education loan, can one apply for a business loan?

    If a person have already applied for an education loan then what will be their business loan eligibility. He/she is applicable for this finance or not. If yes, then what will be the procedure for the same?
  2. Is it Okay, if a BAMS Doctor Starts Practising Allopathy?

    There are several places where BAMS doctors are allowed to practice allopathy. States like Maharashtra in one such sector that have lit the green light on practising allopathy for those who are doing BAMS.

    The subject of BAMS and the allopathy are quite controversial in terms of their methodology and application. The Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery sticks towards a less clinical approach and instead thrives on the natural remedies. It tends to heal a person with the application ...
  3. Suggest Some of the interesting areas of research in Entrepreneurial Finance?

    Entrepreneurs are visionaries, one who can see the future and can show the world reshaping it with their innovation and creativity. Usually, entrepreneurs start their journey from scratch as they are not corporate managers who have regimented departments each taking care of its role to make the company function like a well-oiled machine.

    Research on entrepreneurial finance involves identifying several channels for fund allocation and regulating the expense rate and the right investments ...