1. How can I get clients for my accounting firm?

  2. What would happen if you don't repay the Mudra loan or the CGTMSE?

    If you fail to pay the loan withdrawn under the MUDRA or CGTMSE scheme within the stipulated time (7 years in case of a MUDRA loan), the financial institution will take steps according to their framed repayment policy. The authorities explain their terms and conditions to a borrower before disbursing a loan.

    If you do not pay a loan before the deadline, the authorities first send you a notice directing you to repay it as soon as possible.

    In case you still do not initiate ...
  3. Discuss the Future and Issues with Nanotechnology in India?

    Nanotechnology is one of the great technology spreading world wide for its promising solutions regards human health as well as environment. But want to know what is the scope and future of this technology in India.
  4. Is it Possible to do CA Articleship Abroad?

    ICAI requires aspiring chartered accountants to pursue articleships from institutes anywhere in the world. Candidates will however be entitled to higher stipends if they opt for institutes abroad. However, there are certain things to keep in mind before selecting an institute and pursuing a CA articleship.

    Details about a CA articleship

    • You need to submit Form 103 along with the appropriate registration fee. This should reach the respective Institute’s decentralised ...
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  5. What are the requirements to qualify for a CA loan?

    If one is applying for the chartered accountant loan in India, what will be the requirements

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