1. Albion Online celebrates the anniversary celebration, announces player rewards, sound

    Sandbox MMO Albion Online from Sandbox Interactive celebrates 2 weeks this week, a one-week Fame Boost, plus a gift all players.

    Albion Online has brought seven major content updates since its release, along with the latest Percival update was launched on July 10. The second year of Albion Silver launched Faction Warfare, Crystal Realm Battles and Randomized Dungeons.

    To celebrate its second anniversary, as well as the official soundtrack, Sandbox Interactive also announced ...
  2. Path of Exile full version PC game download full version

    Beginners ought to fully understand the gameplay, the industry flawless method to play games within a good way. Let's test some key records linked to this sport -

    Goal - The basic goal in the athlete is always to collect all the different sticks required. They can also employ these POE Orbs to develop bridges and different structures. Each type of sticky ball features its own special properties you should not normally forget.

    Level - A total of 48 degrees amongst people, ...
  3. Path Of Exile: Legion Will Make Game Harder For New Players

    When long running games embark on, thereís always somewhat of a struggle of what to do with new players. Generally, itís an issue of how to help ease new players into an ecosystem they arenít too acquainted with. It seems developer Grinding Gear Games will be in a very different direction for a big update to Path of Exile. They want an activity thatís actively hostile to new players.

    In a meeting with OnlySP, the experienceís Director, Cahris Wilson, said they need to make the sport ...