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  1. Project Momentum - Weeks 1 - 8

    I recorded my experience with Project Momentum and placed it all out on my blog. It was easier to keep up with it on there, plus it gave me content to write! For some good reading, head out to The Quattle Blog.

    Thanks to Mike T. and the rest of the team for the awesome experience. I love this style of training and can't wait to incorporate the little bit I have learned from it, so far, into future training sessions
  2. First Attempt at Own Programming

    After ALOT of reading, I have a good grasp on what I need to do to prepare for my July meet. Im going to take training 1 week at a time though, so I can really pay attention to how I feel before, during, and after I train.

    My 1st week looks like this: (Volume Block)

    Olympic Style Squats Work up to x4@9 (No Load)
    Rack Pulls Work up to x4@9 (No Load)
    Pause Squats w/o Belt Work up to x6@9 (No Load)
    Ab Roller 12 mins

    Tuesday ...

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  3. Just recieved RTS book

    So i got my RTS book... and I am all kinds of confused. I feel like I have an idea of whats going on in one chapter, then the next reaffirms that I am clueless. I know RTS is a great way to train, and Ive used auto-regulated training before. It looks like programming it for myself is going to be a bit more difficult than initially anticipated. It will all be worth it Im sure. Push/pull meet tomorrow. Should probably try and get some sleep
  4. Perfecting Deadlift Form

    I have a meet in two days, and my deadlift max out day today did not go well at all. I came to the realization that I dont really have any idea how to deadlift. I have just been doing what I think is right, and lifting. My lower back started to hurt pretty bad to day, so I know I need to perfect my form. The only issue is how exactly to go about it. On another note, ordered the RTS book, and cant wait to break into that and start learning.
  5. Week 2 Day 1 - Road to Dominion


    1x4 @365 10RPE (5% fatigue drop)
    1x4 @345 9RPE
    1x4 @335 9RPE

    Competition Bench

    1x4 @275 9RPE (5% fatigue drop)
    1x4 @260 8.5RPE
    1x4 @260 9RPE

    3ct Pause Bench

    1x3 @260 9.5RPE (5% fatigue drop)
    1x3 @245 8RPE

    First week doing Load Drop, I read and reread the article on how to execute but I am no 100% if I did it correctly or if I did enough volume?
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