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  1. World of Warcraft Classic may already be suffering from server overpopulation

    Blizzard Entertainment might underestimate World of Warcraft Classic requests, because this game might not have enough servers to launch in a week. The developer has published a new blog post that urges players to switch servers before release. The game Herod's servers seem to be so popular that they expect a line of more than 10,000 players to enter. Players are asked to switch to the newly opened Stalagg. Worth mentioning this estimate is based on ordering the name of the character, because the ...
  2. WoW Gold Is Always Cheap at [Raiditem], Classic Demo Cracked

    As you may have already seen as has confirmed, not only will the demo be playable on the show floor, but those who bought a virtual ticket for BlizzCon will be able to download and play a sampler of WoW Classic on their home PC.

    Regarding the most common currency in World of Warcraft, WoW gold is always what players should never lack, for it can be applied in many aspects. Come to the No.1 store - raiditem to buy WoW gold and WoW items to enjoy cheap price and professional ...