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  1. Training Sessions and planning

    Dietary plan: 86 x 22 x 1.1-1.3=2200-2500 kcals Carbs: 200-300 Proteins: 200 Fats: 50-75 spread over 3-5 meals.

    1st block 3 weeks 3/week full-body.
    Daily undulating intensity 10/5/3 reps (Lower/Back/Front) Day 1: L 10/B 5/F 3. Day 2: L 5/B 3/F 10. Day 3: L 3/B 10/F 5

    28. April:
    Squat: 8-10 Reps @8 until @9 is reached (4 sets of 90 kg) drop-set 10 kg AMRAP + rest-pause (80 kg 14+5 reps) (Was hoping my squats were 100 kg for 10 @8, not today )
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  3. First Attempt at Own Programming

    After ALOT of reading, I have a good grasp on what I need to do to prepare for my July meet. Im going to take training 1 week at a time though, so I can really pay attention to how I feel before, during, and after I train.

    My 1st week looks like this: (Volume Block)

    Olympic Style Squats Work up to x4@9 (No Load)
    Rack Pulls Work up to x4@9 (No Load)
    Pause Squats w/o Belt Work up to x6@9 (No Load)
    Ab Roller 12 mins

    Tuesday ...

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