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  1. Fresh NBA 2K 20 is about to start

    With this year's EA Play Survive Broadcast, EA released most of the trailer and game display of Madden Rugby something similar to 20. Scenario engine is usually utilized within this function to create a variety of difficulties and a unique refreshing type of the team's signboard. Pro Bowl is usually likewise returned to this specific work. Typically the game pre-order page displays of which the book is going to be arrived on PC/Xbox One/PS4, plus the pre-order [superstar edition] is generally also ...
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  2. Therefore, the "path of exile" hopes to benefit again with the fans in the new season

    The new exile alliance is coming soon. The Legion should bring other projects, such as balance optimization. Especially the melee was affected.

    When did the legion begin? The Legion began at 22:00 on June 7.
    What is a "corps"? In the Legion, you have released the historical military leaders from this country's Wraeclast and your endless struggle in the "eternal conflict zone." Forever war.
    If you defeat the Legion, you will receive valuable rewards. ...
  3. Dofus: le lop dans la nouvelle version ouvrira les yeux sur les détails

    Dofus: le lop dans la nouvelle version ouvrira les yeux sur les détails

    Est-ce que combattre en dofus est ta passion? La version 2.52 ne devrait pas affecter vos habitudes.

    Iop sans aucune capacité de dégâts n'est pas utile de mentionner. Les personnages qui perdent leurs compétences en sortie de dégâts dans les modes de défi PvM et PvP seront éliminés. Personne ne veut être battu dans ce mode. L'équipe de conception de jeux a promis qu'il n'y aurait pas de changements ...
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