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  1. Tbh I enjoy MS2, although it's grinding and Maple story M Mesos

    Tbh I enjoy MS2, although it's grinding and MaplestoryM Mesos pretty lacking, it is still new so it's time to grow. I am sure newer content like awakening and will really make a difference. That happens to other MMOs as well although definitely dieng compared to stages. MMOs such as Elsword and so on sorta dies at one point and then has also the people today return to the game and an insane update. It happened to me also in MS1 I got tired of this content at one point a massive patch came out which ...
  2. Ten years part2 of the past World of Warcraft

    Ten years part2 of the past World of Warcraft

    World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria (2012)

    World of Warcraft: Pandaria's fog has been badly evaluated from the beginning. Some people betray the fantasy background of World of Warcraft in the lovely Pandarens (Pandaren in World of Warcraft). But the fog of the Pandaren introduces some unique art and color, and there are some best areas that players have never explored. It also introduces the monk profession, which ...
  3. "Elder Scrolls Online" will likely be launched on Google Stadia in 2020, cross-playi

    Now that we understand exactly which games are going to be available and playable on Google Stadia later this month, my first thought would be to see what else has not been released yet, complete game list Quite long. It is worth noting that this only real MMORPG out there, "The Elder Scrolls Online" will never appear during the time of release, and will not likely fully enter Stadia until 2020.

    I got in touch with Bethesda and commented on the ESO launch time on Stadia. ...
  4. Benefits of Foot Massager

    Significance of Foot Massage isn't something which is new or something which we're inexperienced with. It has demonstrated logically likewise and in numerous ayurvedic or antiquated contents additionally that back rub has been a standout amongst other pressure reliever since numerous years.

    Now and again when we buckle down for anything, our body needs some an opportunity to revive itself from every one of the pressures and firmness. Rubbing your body particularly your feet encourages ...
  5. I'm considering going to get an erotic massage. Good/Bad idea?

    I'm under 25 (but over 18) and I haven't had a real relationship. I'm not bad looking, I just can't seem to get the dating started. Anyway, due to this I've become sexually frustrated, and have found some erotic massage listings online. I'm willing to pay, and I really think I want this. Is it okay to do? Will I be safe? Can these online listings be a trap of some sort? I'd love any advice.