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  1. Albion Online celebrates the anniversary celebration, announces player rewards, sound

    Sandbox MMO Albion Online from Sandbox Interactive celebrates 2 weeks this week, a one-week Fame Boost, plus a gift all players.

    Albion Online has brought seven major content updates since its release, along with the latest Percival update was launched on July 10. The second year of Albion Silver launched Faction Warfare, Crystal Realm Battles and Randomized Dungeons.

    To celebrate its second anniversary, as well as the official soundtrack, Sandbox Interactive also announced ...
  2. MapleStory M launches new Evan Class and Mini-Games

    MapleStory M is a free massively multiplayer online mobile game for iOS and Android. In addition to new mini-games and seasonal events, there is also the addition of the new Magic Dragon Master. As the last descendant of the Dragon Lord, Evan's mission is to tame Mil, and the last one has a powerful dragon.

    The skills of the Dragon Masters include summoning Mill to fight, launching Mil's Dragon Howler at the enemy, and flying freely on its back. In addition to the revolutionary curriculum, ...
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  4. Final Fantasy Gil Farming

    Farming FFXIV Gil can be done in many different ways. Although, there is no one way that is the quickest and that requires little to no time investment. If quick Final Fantasy Gil is needed, buying FFXIV Gil is an option.
    Farming Final Fantasy Gil is best done at max level. Lower level characters are weaker and will farm certain areas slower. Leveling in FFXIV is quite easy as there is a main questline which leads players in the right direction for quite some time.
    Most FFXIV Gil farming ...
  5. Capstone Project Writing

    A capstone project is one of the most popular and common assignments for students of the middle or high school that require decent preparation and attention because it has a direct impact on a student’s final grade. A student who faces such types of papers for the first time can stumble upon tons of concerns and questions and may require some extra help; this article will give you the needed answers and tips on how to create the best work that will score the highest grade! Before you can start the ...

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