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  2. 7 May

    Leg press: 3 reps@8 until 9@ (260@9 drop 5% 247 4 sets) AMRAP 70% (260/.89=204 10 reps, drop set 150 10 reps, drop set 100 kg 15 reps.)

    Bench: 5 reps@8 until 9@ (95@10 drop 5% from a @9 95/.92=103/100*89=91-5%=86 3sets.) Volume work 60% 1RM (103*.6=61 kg 10 reps tempo lifts, drop set 50 kg 7 reps, drop 40 kg 7 reps.)

    Rows: 10 reps@8 until 9@ (75 kg 5 sets.)
  3. 6. May

    Deadlift: Warmups to a 1 rep until @8 (6 sets reaching 160 kg(@9.5) and failing 170 kg.) 3 rep calculated from top set 83%/136 kg (8 RPE/3 reps until @9 4 sets) Volume work (100 kg/63%1 RM for 5 reps rest pause 2x)

    Incline bench: 5 reps top set @9 (90 kg) 5% down work sets (85.5 kg 3 sets) 5% down work sets (81 kg 3 sets) volume work 61%1 RM AMRAP (60 kg 12 reps, drop set 40 kg 7 reps, drop set 30 kg 10 reps)

    Pulldowns: 10 reps @8 until @9 (77 kg 4 sets) Volume work ...
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