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  1. Training Log Update

    by , 06-21-2011 at 06:58 PM (benching goal to get back to napf ipf)
    felt strong even 405 x 3 off 2 board easyWeek 14Day 119 - 6/21/11bench press shirt 1 board - 1RM: 449 lbs425 lbs x 1 reps x 1 sets @ 8.5 RPE - 95% of 1RM440 lbs x 1 reps x 1 sets @ 9.5 RPE - 98% of 1RM
  2. Training Log Update

    Strength is not the best on DLs right now, but I got to start somewheres. It should come back around before raw nationals. Military press felt pretty strong. I want to get some good conventional deadlift work in soon, but it was pretty hot today and I was not up for any hard 4-5 rep sets of conventionals.

    Finished off the workout with a fairly hard CF workout.
    4 sets for time of:
    25 jump rope
    20 squats w/ band around knee
    15 pushups
    10 pullups ...
  3. Training Log Update

    I was a bit tired today, because of a busy day and having to drive back and forth to Oslo before the workout. Also, I felt I couldn't expect to get help with equipment all night long, so I knew I would have to cut down on the sets. That said, my friend Pål stayed until 10 in the evening!

    The squat: Pål and two girls from the Norwegian junior team spent some time pulling a new erector shirt on me. It was very tight! And it hurt quite a lot right under the arms! Not many people use ...