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  1. World of Warcraft still has BUG waiting for optimization

    World of Warcraft still has BUG waiting for optimization

    World of Warcraft is a fantasy world where you can play any imagination. There are conflicts in the army outside the walls. The soldiers use these homemade weapons to compete with each other. At the same time, there is a spaceship capable of orbital bombing. His power cannot be underestimated.

    The spacecraft appeared about a decade ago, when it was 2007, and after Blizzard released ...
  2. Best Damege Dealer of AOE spell damage in WoW Classic: Warlock

    As we mentioned in the previous article, whether it is a Horde or an Alliance, mages is the best choice for dealing with single targets, they have superb long-range spell damage. But in the face of large-scale enemies and monsters, mages will lack the space for attack. In this regard, the best performers of all classes in the WoW Classic are the Warlocks, who have the strongest AOE spell damage ability and can quickly destroy the entire monster group for a period of time. Correspondingly, they need ...
  3. A different story brings a change in perspective

    Now raise this question to yourself: Is giving a second thought to that storytelling going to have a negative or positive influence on you and on your life? What would happen to you if stories with certain amendments were not told to you? Would you have been a different person? Or has that story impacted you?

    Human beings are someone who always crave coherence. As per a research report, the most powerful method that our brains produce is coherence which usually happens unconsciously ...
  4. Pet amber alert service

    We know that pet is more than just an animal, they are a baby, a best friend. You always want them to live comfortably, to eat the best meals, to have a healthy and long lifestyle, and nobody wants that his pet was lost or run away from home, but unfortunately, sometimes we lost our pet.
    But you should not worry as you can find your pet easily as there are lots of things you can do to find your lost pet.
    Visit local shelters daily.
    Start doing call to all animal control ...
  5. Wish list for "The Elder Scrolls Online": ZeniMax Online should look for future chap

    People at ZeniMax Online have played a major role in portraying Tamriel in Elm Scrolls Online. But the scope of The Elder Scrolls is much more than just the mainline single-player and MMORPG. There are still areas inside and outside Tamriel that we have never seen before, not to mention the area around Nirn.

    Unless you are a big fan of the Elder Scrolls, you are probably not familiar with Akaviri, in addition to some of the subject-inspired armor shown above. Therefore, as a true ...
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