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  1. Proper Diet as Help in Dealing with Acne

    In case you have been trying all kinds of treatments for your acne problems with too little success, don't despair. You need only to re-evaluate your strategy and include proper diet in your fight with acne. Basically, what you eat reflects upon your skin. Eating right is one of the best approaches when it comes to treating acne.

    There can be different inner causes of acne. The condition can be caused as a result of hormonal imbalance. Toxins in one’s body may cause you to have acne. ...
  2. How to Deal with Dry Skin

    The average person’s skin should be soft and spongy to the touch, mostly due to its water content. The upper layer of skin should have at least 10% water, but 20 to 30% is more common and definitely healthier. If skin feels soft and smooth to the touch, this is known as a “normal” skin type. Healthy skin produces something known as sebum, which is a substance that helps keep it in optimum condition. Sebum is a mixture of different components, including sugar, wax, fatty acids, and other chemicals ...
  3. What You Need to Know About Using Coconut Oil for Skincare

    Did you know that using coconut for skincare can really work wonders? Celebs such as the likes of Oscar winners Emma Stone and Kate Hudson swear by its use, Why? Because coconut oil gives them naturally glowing, healthy and youthful-looking skin for that flawless look they’re known for on the red carpet and beyond.

    The Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Skincare in a Nutshell

    Rich in saturated fats that slow the oxidation process, this edible oil extracted from coconut ...

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  4. Discover the Benefits of Using Antioxidant Skin Care Products

    the source of the hives.The initial hive systems may be similar, but there are two d
    HydraLyft ifferent forms of urticaria--acute and chronic. Acute hives are certainly uncomfortable, but they aren't a serious problem. Chronic urticaria on the other hand can be present a lifelong struggle to its sufferers and may by a sign of a far more serious medical condition2010Recommend Article Article Comments Print Article Share this article on Facebook Share this article on Twitter Share this ...
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