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  1. Bench/Squat/bench

    Really good benchpress today. actually hit a PR on the x5s, and this is the first week!! The squats okey, didnt want to push it to hard since it the first week and i havnt done reps without a belt in like a month or something. was supposed to be @9, but i played it safe..
    Overshot my RPE on the Inclines, im going to make smaller jumps next time..

    Overall i feel really good about this program!!

    competition benchpress
    190x1@8 ...
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  2. gpp

    shoulderrotations, peterson step ups. one legged RDLs. sidebends, barbell rows.. all for 2x10-15.

    20min on crosstrainer and some stretching
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  3. week 1 day 2

    Solid session. The deadlift became better and better. 305kg wasnt solid at all. But still pretty easy. After that they became more and more solid, thats why i decided to do a 3% drop and it was really good. I havnt done much TNG benching, so it was hard. But i think they'll be good for me. The frontsquats.... i hate frontsquats...

    Deadlift w/ belt

    form was abit of until the 272.5kg set. Havnt pulled for ...

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  4. Sick, no Arnold, and prepping for Worlds

    Once again, it's been a while since I posted. A lot happening around here (clearly). I'll try to catch you up on what's been happening with me. If you want to subscribe to my blog, please sign in and use the "subscribe to this blog" button at the top right of the page under my picture. If you used to be subscribed, we obviously have a new format, so you'll need to subscribe again if you want the email updates.

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  5. First session with Mike!!

    Okey. So ive been resting since the arnold. So i didnt have high hopes for this first session back. But things were better than expected. no Drops today. had 0-3% in the squat. but i dont think i would have made a 3% drop and kept it @9 The benchpress was really good, but forgot to video it. Im going to try to video as much as possible from now on. but im not really sure about the JMpress form. Mike, please give me some feedback on the video.

    Squat /w belt
    290x1@7.5 ...
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