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  1. RUNESCAPE is back, old style

    After a lot of effort, the classic MMORPG RuneScape has returned. The first 3D graphics - the glory of real existence. Yes, eternal (maybe you ask, or a steady stream of people) music, humorous tasks, and internet trolls have been updated and optimized to the iOS platform. With a comfortable phone, you can play the Mafia War in 35 minutes, after which it will drain all your battery life.

    Seriously, controlling the game's accessibility and comfort through the touch screen is enough ...
  2. Preventing The Journey - replacing the Volta model

    However, preventing The Journey - replacing the Volta model, and various changes to FIFA 20 - at the very least what we know - is essential. The most important PR ball is three balls - the ball, the ball along with the ball itself - EA Sports divides its game adjustment into several parts.

    I played a casino game and 50 % of the FIFA 20 Coins (inside less perfect situation resistant to the FIFA novice, sadly), so my impression is tentative at best, but every one of the lengthy bullet ...
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