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      At the time of this writing we have coached...
      26 lifters at IPF Classic World Championships
      7 IPF World Record Holders
      Dozens of National record holders in various countries
      Hundreds of busy professionals, college students
      Hundreds of masters lifters (over 40 years old)
      Men and women of all ages and weight classes

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      9/9 1500total @181 w/o wraps!! Epic day 150 lb meet PR vid coming soon!
      -- Mike Garozzo

      "I am a physician and have been powerlifting since the age of 17. I've been trained by some of the greats and was fortunate enough to have grown up under the tutiledge of Judy Gedney, the first female inductee into the USAPL hall of fame as well as an IPF world champion. I am now one of Mike's athletes and have been so for close to a year.
      Mike is the most intelligent strength coach I have come across. As a physician, I trust very few people with my training and tend to be a control freak with it. I researched RTS for some time in the background before deciding to take the plunge into making a permanent training shift into RTS style training.
      Let me tell you -- this is the best decision that I have made with regard ...

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      Welcome to the Athlete Comments section! Youíll get to hear directly from the athletes of Team RTS just what RTS is about, how itís helped them, as well as other training tips learned by experience that you might not find anywhere else.

      Itís going to take a little time for us to build this section Ė we donít want to sacrifice quality for you all! But keep checking back often. Youíll learn about the RTS system from people just like you Ė lifters who are trying to improve.

      In the meantime, since you took the time to visit, we don't want you to leave empty-handed. So we included a smattering of unsolicited feedback we have received. Read up on RTS from some of those who know us best -- our athletes:

      "By the way, I set a new Squat PR with a 185KG triple as prescribed ...
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      Recently, I asked some of my athletes to answer two questions. First, why did they sign up for Team RTS Custom Training to begin with? Second, were they happy with their choice? Here are a few responses...

      Ive been training for some years now and had alot of interest in training. Spent countless hours reading articles, books and participating on forums. And after a while you start to realize that it dosent matter how much you read and from what sources. As long as there is the smallest ...