• Welcome to Athlete Comments!

      Welcome to the Athlete Comments section! Youíll get to hear directly from the athletes of Team RTS just what RTS is about, how itís helped them, as well as other training tips learned by experience that you might not find anywhere else.

      Itís going to take a little time for us to build this section Ė we donít want to sacrifice quality for you all! But keep checking back often. Youíll learn about the RTS system from people just like you Ė lifters who are trying to improve.

      In the meantime, since you took the time to visit, we don't want you to leave empty-handed. So we included a smattering of unsolicited feedback we have received. Read up on RTS from some of those who know us best -- our athletes:

      "By the way, I set a new Squat PR with a 185KG triple as prescribed last friday. I started this cycle with a 170KG squat. "

      "Thank you guys so much for everything you shared. I took so much away from the seminar, from little nuances to help improve my movements all the way through to a completely new perspective in many area of my knowledge and training.
      You guys were all fantastic. Thanks again"

      "Absolutely amazing response, I learned so much in this email. Thank you so much."

      "Just want to reach out to you for a second and express my gratitude. As you probably remember, I was having minor issues with my quads and sternoclavical joint. Normally I'd stop training with the amount of pain I had. Thanks to your advice, I'm about 95% back to normal with my quads."

      "Thanks for telling me to sack up the other day too - tried 335x4 today on squats and it felt basically the same that 325 has felt for the last few weeks. Nothing to it but to do it, right?!!?"

      "To cut it short, I added 12kilos to my squat in just 5 weeks, using the simplest template. Simply amazing."

      "I'm getting too strong! How can I avoid it?
      Even my deadlift is getting better all the time now! I'm approaching the sky and they say that sky is the limit! I'm afraid of what happens when I surpass the sky!!!
      Hope to get your suggestions soon Mike! "

      "It's been fantastic moving onto RTS, I know this is the program for me and I'm enjoying every workout. I feel like I've already got a reasonable understanding of how to structure workouts through reading your book and looking over and completing the workouts you send me each week."

      "I don't know what's happening, but I like it. I just hit a lifetime PR in the trap bar DL today. I'm probably as strong as I ever have been - at age 51, nonetheless."

      "Another good day - PBs on all lifts and +20kg on my total again!"

      "Thanks for the great programs! I had a great weekend - pb and national record in squat - 112.5 kg, deadlift 107.5 and total 285. Benched 65 and missed my 3rd at 70 (should have stuck with 67.5). Ended up with gold medal, best overall M3 female lifter and member of the best female team. Pretty good day at the office since I had not planned to do anything crazy because of my neck. Thanks again for all your wisdom in programming!!!"

      "Another excellent week of training completed; you have me dialed in!"

      "Have I mentioned to you lately that you're the man? 9 months ago, I got pinned under a weight I squatted for a double @9 RPE today."

      "Mike, Things continue to go well, I pulled the hat trick---three PRís in three workouts. I got the bench tonight. I like where this is headed"

      "Just wanted to let you know I had a GREAT mock meet today. 355/275/475, 10 lb PRs on every lift and a 45 lb "meet" PR for me. I'm on cloud 9 this morning. I'll put a full write up and videos in my blog later on today. Thanks so much for your help man.
      So a 120lb improvement on my total within 6 weeks! Thanks Mike this was a HUGE improvement, I know I made the right decision to have you coach me. I'll put together a testimonial from myself for you, and I was planning on doing a 12 week one too with video comparisons."

      "Let me start off by saying thank you and to let you know how absolutely pumped I am right now. Just ran through what is basically a mock meet and hit some huge gym PRs. 345 squat (which is a 15 lb gym PR, 5 lbs over my meet lift), JUST missed a 275 bench would be a 10 lb PR over a month ago, and 15 lbs over my meet, and finally hit the elusive 465 deadlift in the gym (a 30lb gym PR, and 5 lbs over my last meet). Thank you so much for your help in blasting through some previous bests.... I'm so stoked from this morning's workout I can't even concentrate on work, just full of jittery energy and excitement."

      "Thanks a lot for making sunch an awesome program. I was expecting some changes from what im used to, but this is just insane. I have never had more fun training than this. Feels like im a total novice again."

      "I guess that is the only downside of the TPC, you kinda get used to setting PR's every time you train!"

      "Thanks again Mike, the progress i've made in such a short period of time says tons about coaching and programming abilities."

      "After a 70+HR work week I managed to pull off a 30lbs PR on my deadlift.. Very very happy about this, your program is amazing! Not only did the program do wonders, your advice on the beltless training and cleaning up my form all paid off today. Thank you!"

      "I have to say that I was sceptical about online consultations, as I believe most people just want your money by stuffing your brain with broscience, but it is obvious to see that you actually care about your customers. It was definitely worth every single penny and I can only recommend your coaching to other people!"

      "Adding RPE and fatigue elements in my training only been positive and I love to train this way, it is much more fun than strictly just following a written program."

      "After the conversation with you, I added the RPE and fatigue % elements in my program, and I've had nothing but lots of PR breaking since.All of my lifts have improved"

      "The best thing TRAC for me was allow me to see (objectively) how extra workouts were impacting my recovery. By that, I mean that I could see what sort of recovery exercises I needed to do during the extra workouts, or from the reading I would determine whether or not I should do more intense conditioning on the GPP days."

      I've always had a good classroom learning style, so I was optimistic that the July Orlando Seminar would be a good experience for me. Its turned out to be more than I could have imagined!
      Just 5 weeks after the seminar I competed at the USAPL Mid Atlantic and had a 15 lb squat pr and a 20 lb meet pr. Ten weeks later, I (just) competed at my home gym in the Brute Strength Gym Halloween Howl and had another 15 lb squat pr, a 25 lb deadlift pr and a 50 lb total pr. That's 70 lbs on my total in 15 weeks since the seminar.
      I'm at a loss to tell you how happy I am. I credit the the full experience of the seminar with this surge in my training results. Thank you and Reactive Training Systems for making this possible. And please let me know when the next seminar is scheduled.
      I will see you there!
      Roy Andrew"

      "You are a really great online coach mate. I have no idea how you manage such a large client database so well! Thanks again!"

      "I just wanted to say. You are by far the best online trainer I have come across mate. Thanks heaps!"

      "I have been using RTS for approximately 14 weeks now and have had the best results of any training program I have ever used."

      "Just wanted to give a quick props to RTS programming. After doing a six week program I hit PR's across the board with a 738 squat, 424 bench, and 710 deadlift. All lifts were raw in the 242 class. This was a 137 pound PR total and I probably had another 25 left on the platform."

      "I have been training RTS for a year now and I have experienced great gains with Mike's excellent coaching."

      "I added 40 pounds to my squat, 15 pounds to my bench, and 35 pounds to my deadlift. 90 Pound PR total over the course of the 8 week program."

      "After my first training cycle, I added 21 pounds to my squat and PR'd in all 3 lifts."

      "Squat went up 44 pounds. Bench went up 21 pounds. Deadlift went up 28 pounds. 93 pound PR total. Thanks for letting me participate, Mike!"

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