• Gaining Strength With Age: A Conversation with Masters World Record Holder Mark Robb - By Adam Palmer

      Mark Robb recently attended the 2014 IPF Classic Powerlifting World Championships in Johannesburg, South Africa where he won the overall Masters 2 division, being named “Best Lifter”, and set two IPF world records in the deadlift (292.5kg) and total (720kg) in the 105kg weight class. ...more.
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      1. ChadHydro's Avatar
        ChadHydro -
        Always very inspired by Mark, I hope to be half as strong as he is some day!
      1. sparkskk's Avatar
        sparkskk -
        That was a very good read. Congratulations on the great performance in Johannesburg, Mark.

        I also find it very inspiring that you're still getting stronger at 54. Being 34, and having only competed for a couple of years, seeing your approach really gives me confidence that my training age is more of a limiting factor in my progress than my actual age.
      1. Mark Robb's Avatar
        Mark Robb -
        Thanks Guys!! I appreciate that.
      1. Alexandru's Avatar
        Alexandru -
        This is a really cool article Mark. Especially the fact that it looks like you managed to get to this level even though you had way worse LB injuries than what I have, makes me think it's worth keeping on pushing.
      1. Mark Robb's Avatar
        Mark Robb -
        Alexandru, yes, keep pushing. You will find a way around the obstacles.
      1. IronTempleHuestis's Avatar
        IronTempleHuestis -
        Great interview, Mark. I'm John Huestis age70 and just started Powerlifting in January 2013, if you can call it that. My first ever squat was a 5x5 routine with the empty bar and it killed me for the next two days. Deadlifts were with 90 lbs. I had benched 200 once in my life a few months prior to starting the Powerlifting. I did my first competition in February 2014 and recently did the USAPL RAW Nationals lifting in Masters IVa at 120+ kg. I'm currently training under Mike's coaching for the 2015 Classic Worlds in Finland. With Mike's coaching and my work I hope to achieve some lofty goals in Finland. Hope to see you there.