• The Versatile Athlete-Coach: A conversation with Bryce Lewis - By Adam Palmer


      RTS: Tell me about where you are from and how you got into powerlifting.

      Bryce Lewis: I used to live in Southern California and never really had too much interest in sports until the 10th grade when my friend and I decided (pretty randomly) to try out for the boys’ volleyball team. We both made it, and I found a sport that I had a huge passion for. I played volleyball for three years in high school, two years in college for San Francisco State, and ended up coaching at the high school and club level for an additional five years. It was during the search for training methods to make myself a better college volleyball athlete that I stumbled upon bodybuilding.com and the forum sections there, and read everything I could and built a small group of friends online who would become really influential in my future. I began liking the workouts more than the training for volleyball, and decided to enter and compete in a natural bodybuilding competition. I ended up winning the novice division, and competed in natural bodybuilding for another 3-4 years before competing in my first powerlifting meet. I always like lifting heavy in training, and have not looked back since that first meet. I've been competing now for around 5 years.

      RTS: That's a much different background than I'm used to hearing, pretty refreshing actually. A volleyball player turned bodybuilder turned powerlifter; that’s not something you see very often.

      Bryce: Yeah, (laughs) I was not built for volleyball, and I think that's actually something that turned out to my advantage. At 5'6" with a stocky build, I had to try REALLY hard to hang with the other guys, and I think the challenge at least aided, if not built the type of work ethic I have in training today.

      RTS: So when you came into bodybuilding, you were already fairly heavy for your size?

      Bryce: The average volleyball player is probably around 6'0", and most at the national level are 6'2" and up. I did have a fair amount of size, but I wasn't anything impressive at that point. I still don't think I am, but my powerlifting total is certainly up there for my weight class.

      RTS: Well you placed 4th at this past (2014) nationals against some very, very stiff competition this year. I’d say that's nothing to shrug at.

      Bryce: Not at all, and Adam you can attest that day could have gone better. Next year!

      RTS: How has your training been going so far this season? Since we're talking about it, go ahead and share your best lifts gym/meet so we can publish these for the readers.

      Bryce: In competition my best performance is a 585 squat, a 425 bench, and a 700 deadlift. In training, I've recently hit a 620 squat, a 450 bench, and a 725 deadlift. ...MORE