• Consistency - By Ian Bell (PDF version)

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      I was 15 years old and had just got home from school. Football season was over, I didnít have any homework, and all I wanted to do was play Madden for the rest of the night. I heard my dad enter through the garage door and a few seconds later he passes by my room. He asked me if I wanted to work out; I thought about it and decided that I didnít want to go. He said alright and proceeded to change clothes and head off to the gym. Before he left he said one line that would stick with me for the rest of my life, ďYou canít make-up workouts. Once you miss one itís gone foreverĒ. He then told me to clean the kitchen before he got home and walked out the door. I didnít correctly process that statement when I was 15, and it was only a year later, when I seriously started training for powerlifting, that I felt the full weight of it. The key to getting better at anything, especially powerlifting, is consistency.

      Consistency of the Mind
      Being consistent in powerlifting isnít just making it to the gym when you are supposed to; it is also being consistent in preparation. You should have a plan every time you go into the gym, and each workout should have a purpose. Whether it be to work on a specific part of your lift, a distinct muscle group, working on your form, or even hypertrophy; there should be a plan and a purpose. If you donít have a purpose and plan, then you canít set goals, and if you have no goals then what is the point of going to the gym? Know what youíre doing, know why youíre doing it, and do it to the best of your abilities. ...more