• Coaching Comparison

      Guided Programming Performance Coaching All Access Coaching
      Summary Specially selected training program, weekly group support via coaching video Customized training program. Email Support with your coach. Whatever it takes. Custom training program, Email/chat/text/phone/skype support, detailed block reviews
      Specially selected and modified training plan based on individual performance data Yes Yes Yes
      End-to-end customized training plan Semi-custom. You will be placed in a training group that fits your needs. Training will modify based on your available equipment and personal restrictions, but the underlying strategy is group-driven. Yes, everything is custom-built. Yes, everything is custom-built.
      Questions answered via weekly YouTube video Yes No No
      1-on-1 Coaching Support No Yes Yes
      Faster communication via text, chat, video call (as needed) No No Yes
      Training Log monitoring Miscellaneous checks Yes Yes
      Unique Lifter Profile -- ensure your training fist your priorities in life No Yes Yes
      Meet Planning (training fits your specific competition dates) Yes Yes Yes
      Meet Reviews (1-on-1 post competition video call to discuss meet results) No Yes Yes
      Macrocycle Training Reviews (1-on-1 video call to discuss the previous training block) No No Yes
      Day-to-day training adjustments based on TRAC and coaching call instructions Based on TRAC and email instructions Based on TRAC and direct communication (email, text, messenger, etc)
      Adjustments based on limitations (injuries, equipment availability, Recovery, etc) Yes, instructions provided during calls Yes, changes are built directly into the program Yes, changes are built directly into the program
      Flexible Scheduling provided Yes Yes Yes
      Long Term planning built into the program Yes Yes Yes
      Quality training that gets lifters hitting all time PR's Yes! Click to register. Yes! Click to register Yes! Click to register.
      Price Per Month $99 $160 $220
      Recommended for: An economical option for raw powerlifters who don't have a desire or need for one on one coaching to help progress their lifting. Lifters who seek customized programming and technical execution assistance with direct one on one coaching to help process their strength and technical execution of the powerlifts.
      Any lifter who needs a customized program and also prefers very frequent coaching contact, especially nationally competitive powerlfiters and higher, those who are interested in a premium coaching experience. Lifters with an extensive injury history to work around. Lifters who want the best coaching option available.

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