• How I Became A Powerlifting Coach - By Josh Rohr

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      I had never really considered the possibility of personal training and helping people as a profession. I grew up on a dairy farm in a small town in Northeast Ohio, working in the barns before school in -10 degree weather during the winters. I guess I always just figured that I would be a farmer when I got older.

      My freshmen year of high school I really got interested in football, mostly because I saw the guys in the weight room working out and noticed how big and strong they were. My sophomore year, I decided to play football for the first time. I was way behind the learning curve but I loved it. I learned a lot about the game and myself. I also learned a lot about weight training and I started learning some of the things I had been doing wrong.

      During my junior year, I decided to get a job at a local gym. I found a place that would let me sit in the weight room and clean up after everyone. I was pumped about this because it meant I could be in the weight room and get paid for it! While I was working I noticed that there was a personal trainer at the gym, always working with different clients. This sparked my interest and I began looking into it.

      My senior year of high school I began studying for my personal trainer certification but was having a lot of trouble understanding a lot of the concepts. I knew I could repeat the information and pass a test but I didnít truly understand it. I kind of decided that maybe it wasnít for me and took a job after my senior year as a vending truck driver. I was working days and would go to the local gym right afterwards to train. My heart was always in the gym. ...more