Einar B. Gilberg

Friday March 22, 2013

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Deadlift w/chains
(1 RM = 250kg, 2 RM = 235kg, 3 RM = 232.5kg)
5 x 20kg
3 x 60kg
2 x 100kg
2 x 140kg
2 x 180kg
2 x 220kg
2 x 240kg @ 10 RPE 5kg PB!
2 x 220kg @ 9 RPE
2 x 220kg @ 9 RPE

Bench 1.5 board light touch
(2 RM = 190kg, 3 RM = 185kg)
5 x 20kg
5 x 60kg
3 x 100kg
2 x 130kg
2 x 160kg
2 x 180kg @ 8.5 RPE
2 x 190kg @ 9 RPE Tie of PB, but I actually believe this is 10 kg PB on 1.5 board light touch (I don't keep control on which board and light touch/ordinary, but I will try to implement this)
1.5 board light touch
2 x 180kg @ 9 RPE

4 x 180kg
4 x 205kg @ 9 RPE


This has been an up and down week. To nights I have been having very poor/too little sleep. I have also tried to end a beginning relationship with a girl I met 5-6 weeks ago. I thought, think, thought I thought, that I wanted to live alone. Completely alone. But she came to my training today (she is holding the boards in the benchpress) and she makes me unsure because she is a helluva girl. Everything is complicated... how can I deny such a girl? Can I? I don't know. I thought I could, but right now she lies in my bed and I'm up eating and feeling free like I want to. So best of both worlds right now. Will it be so tomorrow? :-D

My deadlift seems to have lost momentum but it really has much to do with sleeping patterns etc. The deadlift is the exercise that reacts most negatively to bad shape. Next week will be critical in determing if momentum really has been lost or if these past two weeks has been momentarily.

Squats and benchpress seems to be in line. I'm just waiting to get recuperated enough. And I should be this monday.

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  1. Mike Tuchscherer's Avatar
    I wish I could help you with your lady troubles, Einar. But hey... when they want you they want you! What's a man to do?
    lol, just kidding. I hope it works out for you, buddy.
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