speed lifting

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whilst on my mini break away, I noticed that when I have a protracted absence from lifting, my old back injury flares up big time...probably do do with the all day walking sessions and no stretching my back was a little tender going into this - plus I was short on time. craic.

Feet up bench[x2@9]:
120kg @8
125kg @8.5/9
120kg @8
120kg @9

Deadlift w/belt[x3@9]:
230kg @9
215kg @8.5/9

2ct squat[x2@9]:
170kg @9
155kg @8.5

Ran out of time here, squats were down in about 5 mins lol - they felt awful until the 155..shame. Deadlift tech was a little messy today, but got the top set I wanted, so happy with that.
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