PBs...sort of

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Squat w/belt[x2@9]:
200kg @9 *PB*
190kg @9

Comp bench[x2@9]:
132.5kg x1 (F 2nd)
130kg @9
125kg @8.5
125kg @8.5/9
125kg @8.5

145kg @8
150kg @8.5/9
142.5kg @8.5

Pretty good session overall - PB on the squat...which showed with the quick drop off, was spent after the 190. Moved to bench - this was weird - I smoked 1 rep @132.5, but failed off the chest...then smoked everything else, getting better set by set - the last 125 was the best, I only stopped due to time!?

Final squats were pretty strong, felt odd not having the belt but got moving well - stopped after the first down set - strength was ok, but form got a little sloppy.

Overall my hips and knees are feeling a little rough, time to pay some more attention to recovery me-thinks!
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  1. Mike Tuchscherer's Avatar
    I wonder if you missgrooved or something on the bench.
  2. Adam-F's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Tuchscherer
    I wonder if you missgrooved or something on the bench.
    Yes possibly, based off my recent performances, just putting it down as an off set. Feeling pretty good after the last session of 2ct pauses.
  3. savinas's Avatar
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