Week 3 Day 2 - HJP Suzdal 2013

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Wednesday 17th April

RTS Week 3 Day 2

Scheduled Work:
Deadlifts w/belt work up to x2 @9 - 4-6% fatigue drop
8cm Towel Bench Press work up to x4 @9 - 4-6% fatigue drop
2ct Paused Squat work up to x5 @9 - 4-6% fatigue drop

60kg x 8
100kg x 3
150kg x 2
200kg x 1
230kg x 1
250kg x 1 - add belt
Work Sets
270kg x 2 @10 - first rep felt smooth but second was tougher than anticipated. Would not have got a 3rd.
250kg x 2 @9.5 - again first smooth (good sign), but second a bit tougher, don't think I would've got a third

8cm Towel Bench Press - down to touch towel rolled up to 8cm thickness, then press back to top, no pause.
60kg x 5
100kg x 4 - add WW
110kg x 4 @8
Work Sets
120kg x 4 @9
115kg x 4 - 3 sets @8, 8.5, 9

2ct Paused Squats
100kg x 2
150kg x 2
Work Sets
180kg x 5 @9
170kg x 5 @9

Abit too tough on Deads but no drama. Very happy with the double, especially happy with the smoothness of the first rep. This week I have doubled all competition lifts at only 2.5kg under there respective competition PB's. Good signs ten days out from the CD champs.

Rehab/Prehab and GPP tomorrow then last two days of training for the week after that before a mini deload (I think) for CD's.

Here's the vid of top deadlift sets:
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    Looks great
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    That's amazing.. seems perfect
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    Jessie Campbell
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