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Last one before my 3 day break

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Deadlift +90c
e1RM: 737
We're reaching the operational limits, folks. Fourth training day in four days. I was sore, tired, and not-quite-thriving before I got there. First set was pretty bad. Went up a little on the second and it was actually really good. So I figured what the hell and went for a PR on the 3rd. My back was rounding on the 3rd rep, so I cut it there rather than push a bad position and end up hurt. I cut it there because there was still plenty of fun left to go.
Weight Reps RPE
635 x 4 @ 8
655 x 4 @ 8
685 x 3 @ 9
e1RM: 464
For some reason, this one sucked the wind out of my sails. I over shot the RPE by a good bit, but it's still 10 pounds over my heaviest recorded touch and go double.
Weight Reps RPE
395 x 2 @ 7
425 x 2 @ 7.5
455 x 2 @ 10
425 x 2 @ 8
435 x 2 @ 7.5
10" Squat
e1RM: 710
Aaaaannnnd I was hurtin' by the time I got here. And almost out of time too. I was tempted just to cut it and be done 15 minutes early, but some sets are better than no sets. The thing that hurts the most are my shoulders. They are literally raw where the bar sits. Dug down for that last set a little. Not the greatest weight-wise, but respectable, good volume, and a little guts if I do say so myself.
Weight Reps RPE
515 x 6 @ 7
565 x 6 @ 8.5
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  1. TRON's Avatar
    Way to nut it out!
    If it is any consolation, I can almost guarantee that you will grow extra hair along where the bar sits on your back.
    It happened to a friend of mine, but not me though...
  2. Mike Tuchscherer's Avatar
    Already there, man. Big callus with some extra sprouts. Wife hates it. But what can you do? Stop squatting? Pfft!
  3. FrmrHoss's Avatar
    I've already got a solid callus working on that spot for me too and I'm dealing with half your poundage (if I'm lucky ).

    Spot squatting? nevverrrrrrrrrrr.
  4. Mark Twain's Avatar
    enjoy your time off
  5. matts2285's Avatar
    Mike what are your thoughts re. alternate grip on deadlifts creating imbalances? Do you ever switch which hand you have facing out in order to balance out the torque it puts on the body? I usually just deadlift double overhand, but obviously can pull much more with the alternate grip, and would like to do so more if possible.
  6. Mike Tuchscherer's Avatar
    Hi Matt. Using an alternate grip is definitely not perfect symmetry, but neither is a split jerk and Olympic lifters do those just fine. The body is pretty adaptable. If you can use a hook grip, then great. If not, no reason to limit your weights. Don't switch hands either. There are structural adaptations that need to happen and they work best when you give them time and a a consistent stimulus.
  7. pops152's Avatar