mini-session from last night..

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Comp bench [x5@10]:
120kg @10
115kg @10

Same as previous..first 3 reps fly then really gas on the last few - these very proper @10s, real grinders for the last reps. Will double check my diet etc to make sure I am on top of everything.

Deadlift [x5@9.5]:
150kg @8
170kg @8.5/9

Just took these to technical failure - ie working on a flat(ter) back position, what feels like an arch is barely straight in the video - so work to be done, even this gave me a back pump lol !

Out of time here - another couple of sessions this week, will mix and match a few bits to get some work in. MRI on the back tomorrow morning.
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  1. Element_26's Avatar
    Familiar story for me with the deadlifts! I finish a set, think "yeah - nice arch man", and then watch the vid...
  2. BobW's Avatar
    I just had another MRI this afternoon - hope yours is better than mine!
  3. Adam-F's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BobW
    I just had another MRI this afternoon - hope yours is better than mine!
    Oh no, bad news??

    Mine was ok actually...there are issues there - my double fracture is still there and is clearly not going to heal (after 10 years!), one of my nerve channels is being pinched occasionally...and it looks some one of the vertebrae are out of line somewhat.

    But having said that, the doc who gave me a quick run through said none of it was major and could be dealt with without any surgery etc...follow up appt with the chiro next week!
  4. BobW's Avatar
    Well, good - I'm glad that you're able to continue to walk the righteous path! That little pinch is probably what you felt last week, I'm guessing?
  5. Adam-F's Avatar
    Well sort of - I do get the occasional pinch in my glute/ leg when I twist awkwardly - I guess that is the pressing on the nerve..the general ache, i dont know - I guess the out of line vertebrae?

    Main thing is there isnt anything major and I should be able to recover - just need to clear up my deadlift tech. The chiro also mentioned he felt my arch wasn't good enough on squat in the bottom 3rd..! mobility work all round lol
  6. Adam-F's Avatar
    lol only just seen this ^^ nice spamming!