becoming a brah

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Welcome to a week of benching, benching and more benching

Comp press [x3@9]:
120kg @8.5
122.5kg @9
115kg @8/8.5
115kg @9

Slingshot(2ct pause at chest) [x2@9]:
140kg @8
150kg @9 (x1) - lost line on second rep
145kg @8.5
145kg @9/9.5

CG floor press [x6@8]:
90kg @7.5/8
92.5kg @8/8.5, 8.5, 9

Chins: BW 3x5, 5x3

Was alone again this afternoon - so just got the work in, all this only took an hour or so.

Due to my injuries, I only have bench this week - I have put 2 days into 1 here, will be doing GPP tomorrow morning - so had to split days up differently. Looking forward to the follow up session with my chiro on Friday, can't wait to get rehab under-way so I can start lifting proper again!
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