HJP Worlds Prep - Saturday 1st June & Monday 3rd June...

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Had for some reason been unable to log but its working again now, here is the two most recent sessions...


Not a bad day today. Felt pretty decent given the fact I'd trained yesterday. Have been overestimating myself a bit too much this week though an did it again on the deadlifts. Not accounting for the accumulated fatigue when I think what I should be able to hit. Will focus hard on hitting the target RPE next week. I have let my ego/target numbers get in the way a few too many times this week. Looking forward to the last real week of training this week coming. 7 days till I fly out!!

Saturday 1st June

Worlds Prep Week 5 Day 4 - 13 Days Out

Scheduled Work:
Deads w/belt up to x2 @9 - load drop 4-6%
Close Grip Floor Press up to x5 @9 - load drop 4-6%
Stiff Leg Deadlifts up to x5 @9 - load drop 4-6%

60kg x 5
100kg x 3
150kg x 2
200kg x 1
230kg x 1 - added belt
260kg x 1
Work Sets
280kg x 1 - attempted an missed a second, had a minute or so an tried again but just set up all wrong. Left it there. Still a single PB.

Close Grip Floor Press
60kg x 5
100kg x 2
Work Sets
130kg x 5 @9
122.5kg x 5 @9

Stiff Leg Deadlifts
100kg x 3
Work Sets
180kg x 5 @9
170kg x 5 @9



Bad day. Too many sessions of not listening to the body an not following RPE's has left me a bit overtrained. Knowing that, I still went for a number today and pushed too hard. Not listening to my own advice, stupid but that's what I did. Called it after squats, they flared the elbow up an I didn't want to risk it. Time to rest up for Wednesday and follow the RPE's in that session. Not happy and really disappointed in myself, but learning a valuable lesson. I followed the session with food and some hot colds. Going to do all I can to get this recovery happening. The strength is there, I know I am better than today's session, after some decent rest I will still bring it on the platform for sure.

Monday 3rd June

Worlds Prep Week 6 Day 1 - 11 days out

Scheduled Work:
Squat w/belt up to x2 @9 - load drop 4-6%
Bench Press (touch & go) up to x2 @9 - load drop 4-6%
Close Grip 3Board up to x7 @9 - load drop 4-6%

60kg x 5
100kg x 3
150kg x 2, x 1
200kg x 1
230kg x 1 - add belt & WW
240kg x 1
Work Sets
255kg x 1 @9.5
240kg x miss - called it here.

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  1. Millul's Avatar
    Hayden, just listen to your body: do not try and "force" RPEs so close, give some rest to the CNS.

    Remember, the only numbers that have a meaning are those you hit on the platform!
  2. hjpritch's Avatar
    Cheers M! Agree. Will not be pushing for numbers today, just for the RPE. Following Mikes advice he said he would rather see an @8.5 than an @9.5 so thats the focus tonight