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Well today went both good an bad.

Opened with 250kg on the squat an was a pretty good rep, was happy with it and played my attempts from here a little as planned, only slightly off to target placings etc. Went to 260kg for the second. It felt better than the first, the set up was spot on an form felt good. Jumped to what I thought was pretty conservative to 267.5kg for the final squat to go for a medal (would have been silver). Really don't know what happened on this final attempt, just wasn't tight enough an didn't take my time to set up perfect, failed coming out of the hole - gutted.

Managed to pick myself up for the bench after the disappointment of the final squat. Opened 145kg an felt pretty good. Not quite tight enough but a fairly strong opener. Went to 155kg for the second an it slowed a little on the way up but wasn't a bad rep. Small jump to 160kg for the final but it was just too much, the strength just wasn't there as the set up was pretty good.

Finally was the deadlift. The warmups were good even though the body was tired. Opened with 270kg, pretty strong but not quite tight enough from the floor. Second I went to 285kg to hit the 700kg total. This rep was better than the first, tighter off the floor an didn't slow too much towards lockout. Had a look at the field an realised 297.5kg had the potential for a bronze if some other attempts were unsuccessful. Gave this a good crack and got it above the knee, the set up was pretty good but just not there today. Had I got it I would still have missed a medal as one of the others nailed their final attempt.

Not a bad day overall:
Squat 260kg - Equal PB - 4th place in squat
Bench 155kg - 5kg PB
Deadlift 285kg - 7.5kg PB
Total 700kg - 12.5kg PB - 7th place overall

Massive thank you to all who have supported me on this journey. Especially to those who donated to get Jono & I here. It has been a great experience and hopefully something to improve upon for Nats. Can't wait to help Jono tomorrow and see what he brings to the platform.
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  1. Mark Robb's Avatar
    Congratulations on a great meet, and several PB's!! Impressive lifting!!
  2. sparkskk's Avatar
    Congrats on the PBs. More come I'm sure!
  3. oldlifter50's Avatar
    Congratulations on the PB's and now rest up for the next one.
  4. scotty1980's Avatar
    Good on you mate, top effort!! Keep training hard
  5. Millul's Avatar
    Great effort, Hayden! Great numbers, and 3 PRs...good job!!!