Mark Dowling

2013 Week 24 Squat Day - Feeling drained and beat up

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Wednesday 19 June 2013

Plan: x4 @8-9
Est. 1RM: 213 kgs
150 x4 x1 @8
160 x4 x1 @8
170 x4 x1 @9

I felt very creaky warming up. Everything was stiffer and sorer than usual. Little niggles/tightness in my shoulders, back and groin all seemed worse than usual. I felt tired on top of this. I've slept reasonably well lately, pretty much getting 7 - 8 hours per night as usual, but have still felt very tired a couple of mornings. So I don't really know what was up. Perhaps it's was just an off day, or maybe I haven't been eating well enough. Maybe I need to ease off training slightly for a few days.
Anyway, that's enough rambling! I managed to squat 170 kg x4 @9 with two sets of 4 before that. That's really as good as I've done. I squated 170 x5 @9 a few weeks ago but would only have done minimal reps before that set to warm up.

Pause Squat (3 ct)
Plan: x4 @8-9
Est. 1RM: 155 kgs
122.5 x4 x2 @8.5
122.5 x4 x1 @9

Every rep felt heavy here. I didn't seem to have any real pop at all. I know the 3 count pause is designed to take that away but still, things felt flat.

Front Squat
Plan: x8 @8-9
Est. 1RM: 88 kgs
60 x8 x1 @9

I had absolutely no appetite for pushing myself at this stage and my grip was giving out big time on this set even though it was only my first. I called it a day here. Skipped my ab work and went home to eat lots.