Mark Dowling

2013 Week 27 Bench and Deadlift

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Friday 12 July 2013

Plan: x1 @8
Est. 1RM: 247 kgs
200 x1 x1 @8 add belt
230 x1 x2 @8.5
230 x1 x1 @9

I had planned to do x1 @8 this session after x2 @9 last week. I overshot my RPE a bit on the initial set. I should perhaps have done a lower weight to ease into it. I've found that dominating a lower weight can set me up better for the heaviest weight. Removes the doubt from the mind. It's something I need to work on I suppose.
The sets at 225 kg x2 definitely felt much better last week. If anything, I felt like I may have erred on the cautious side when assessing the RPE last week so I expected more this week.

A quick analysis of the duration of the lifts shows the following:
Week 26
225 kg x2 @8.5: 1.32 s and 1.25 s
225 kg x2 @9: 1.55 s and 1.41 s
Week 27
230 kg x1 @8.5: ? Didn't video the lift
230 kg x1 @8.5: 1.73 s
230 kg x1 @9: 2.03 s

I've only just started to monitor the speed of the lifts so it will take a bit more time to gather some really useful information. I would have expected given the relatively modest increase in weight from week to week that I should have been able to complete the lifts at a more similiar speed.

Double Pause Deadlift (2 ct)
Plan: x2 @8-9
140 x2 x1 @8
150 x2 x1 @8.5
160 x2 x1 @8.5

Snatch Grip DL
Plan: x6 @8-9
Est. 1RM: 177 kgs
105 x6 x2 @8
115 x10 x1 @9.5

Thursday 11 July 2013

Bench Press
Plan: x2 @8-9
Est. 1RM: 111 kgs
90 x2 x1 @8
95 x2 x1 @8.5
100 x2 x1 @9

Pause Bench (3 ct)
Plan: x1 @8-9
Est. 1RM: 102 kgs
80 x1 x1 @7.5
85 x1 x1 @8
90 x1 x1 @8.5
95 x1 x1 @8.5
100 x1 x1 @9.5

Dips and seated rows to complete the session. I've been struggling a little with some sort of tendinitous in my left elbow for the last 10 days or so. I aggravated it initially while squating and have felt like it's limited my ability to really push fully during heavy bench work. It's also noticable while squating and deadlifting although not to the same extent. Need to ease off to let it recover. Never easy to do


  1. sparkskk's Avatar
    I just remembered something after reading it in another log. There's been a bit of a heat wave in Ireland this last week. Most Irish people are not built for it and I am no exception to that rule! I've found it very difficult to sleep as well as usual with the heat. I haven't slept that badly but the amount of sleep was definitely down 30 - 60 minutes per night and the crazy dream count has gone through the roof. I shouldn't be looking for excuses, but it was probably a factor in my deadlifting feeling much flatter this week than last.
    So either 1) the warm weather continues. In this case, I adapt to it and start to kick ass again, or 2) the temperatures drop back a bit and I return to kicking ass again!