Mike Tuchscherer

Welcome back, DOMS

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...more like immediate onset muscle soreness.
After the contest, I all of last week away from the gym. It was nice to kick off my "off season" with some R&R, but I was more than happy to get back in the gym today.

Squat w/belt
e1RM: 744
Not bad for 8 days with no training. I overshot a little, but I'm pretty happy with how that went to be honest. Now that I'm in the off season, my aim is to maintain strength on minimal volume. The idea is to prep for the upcoming loading periods. Next week: 695, 715.
Weight Reps RPE
695 x 1 @ 8.5
725 x 1 @ 9.5
655 x 3 @ 8.5
655 x 3 @ 8.5
Bench (pinky on rings)
e1RM: 471
Singles were actually very good -- comparable to my full grip, which is what I wanted to see. I'm seeing more nuance in bench grip leverages, so we'll see how the theory pans out in the next few weeks. Rep work was solid and much better than I expected. This isn't far off my all time PR competition raw bench.
Weight Reps RPE
415 x 1 @ 8
435 x 1 @ 8.5
405 x 3 @ 8
425 x 3 @ 9
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  1. oldlifter50's Avatar
    The rest is so needed, I had to fight the urge to lift last week and glad I did not. You look like you are picking up where you left off. Good work Mike.
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