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Folks are in Italy visiting, so I had a quick training session with my Dad today.

Squat (heels elevated)
e1RM: 690
Cool! I was only planning on doing a quick 3 sets. I didn't sleep much two nights ago, which was affecting my focus today. As a result the first two sets were not real grand. The third set was much better, so I decided to go for a bonus 4th set. Bingo. All time PR. Turned out to be a good day after all.
Weight Reps RPE
535 x 3 @ 7.5
575 x 3 @ 7.5
595 x 3 @ 8
605 x 3 @ 8.5
Neutral Grip Military
e1RM: 215
Not much to say about this one. I would rather use a log, but this isn't bad. Just doing work.
Weight Reps RPE
165 x 5 @ 6
175 x 5 @ 7.5
185 x 5 @ 8.5
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  1. FrmrHoss's Avatar
    How have you been liking the elevated heel squatting?
  2. Casey Miller's Avatar
    Got your Dad committed to the November meet?
  3. Mike Tuchscherer's Avatar
    Chris, I like the Romeleos. I'm as strong as with flat shoes, but I'm going to keep playing with it for a while.

    Casey, not yet. We'll see.
  4. oldlifter50's Avatar
    What kind of bar did you use for the neutral grip? Last time I did them I put the hex bar in the power rack.
  5. Mike Tuchscherer's Avatar
    I have a neutral grip bar from West Cary Barbell.
  6. FrmrHoss's Avatar
    Don't worry Mike - me and Casey will keep pressuring him .
  7. keiwil's Avatar
    Cool, i'm getting romaleos soon
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