Mark Dowling

2013 Week 36 Squat & Deadlift - Inching forward

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Squat w/belt x4 @9 4-6%
Est. 1RM: 209 kgs
170 x4 x1 @8
180 x4 x1 @9
172.5 x4 x1 @9

+1 kg over last week. Progress!

Deadlift +chain x3 @9 4-6%
Est. 1RM: 212 kgs
140 x3 x1 @7
160 x3 x1 @8
170 x3 x1 @8
180 x3 x1 @9
170 x3 x1 @9

+4 kg over two weeks ago when I did these last. 24 kg of chains.

Front Squat x6 @9 4-6%
Est. 1RM: 112 kgs
72 x3 x1 @7
82 x3 x1 @7
91 x6 x1 @9
87 x6 x1 @9.5

+1 kg over two weeks ago. I seem to only have one "money set" in me when doing these as a third movement. I don't know if that's due to my upper back not being strong enough, my wrists getting sore, general fatigue from a long training session, or a combination of the above. The fatigue set may even have been rated optimistically, as there was a good chance it would have rolled off my shoulders.

Incline Situp x6 @9
Est. 1RM: 19 kgs
10 x6 x1 @7
15 x6 x1 @8
15 x6 x1 @9.5

This session took just shy of three hours from setting foot in the gym to when I left. I wasn't in a hurry because I don't have anything else to do on Saturday usually. I'll be doing the equivalent session on Friday night next week as I'm going to a wedding on the Saturday. I'd better speed things up a bit!