Mark Dowling

2013 Week 37 Squat and Deadlift - Progress and a Sore Elbow

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Squat w/belt x3 @9 4-6%
Est. 1RM: 213 kgs
180 x3 x1 @8
190 x3 x1 @9
180 x3 x1 @9.5

+4 kg PR. My left arm/elbow got quite sore squating tonight. I've been working on stretching out the chest, lats and triceps to help take the pressure off that area. That plan hasn't been in action long, so I'll stay the course and see what happens. I let the soreness affect me a bit on the fatigue set; I wasn't as focused as usual. My decent on the last rep was quite strange, there was some sort of a wobble in there. I rated that set a 9.5 but I should have been able to do it with less perceived effort than that.

2ct Pause Deadlift x5 @9 4-6%
Est. 1RM: 203 kgs
160 x5 x1 @9.5
147.5 x5 x1 @9

+3 kg PR. My previous best on these was set last January.

2ct Pause Squat x5 @8 4-6%
Est. 1RM: 148 kgs
120 x5 x1 @8
120 x5 x1 @9.5

How can only 7 work sets feel so tough, and take so long?
I trained Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday this week because I'm going to a wedding tomorrow and Sunday. I may not be in a fit state to train until Tuesday...