Mark Dowling

2013 Week 38 Bench Day 2 - DOMS, DOMS and more DOMS

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Bench (touch and go) x7 @10 4-6%
Est. 1RM: 117 kgs
90 x3 x1 @7
95 x7 x1 @10
90 x7 x1 @9.5
90 x6 x1 @10

+4 kg over last week and just 1 kg off my PR from two weeks ago.

2ct Pause Bench x3 @9 6-9%
Est. 1RM: 104 kgs
90 x3 x1 @8.5
92.5 x3 x1 @9
90 x3 x1 @9.5
85 x3 x1 @9

+3 kg over two weeks ago.

Close Grip Floor Press x6 @8 4-6%
Est. 1RM: 88 kgs
70 x6 x1 @8.5
70 x6 x3 @9
70 x6 x1 @10

-7 kg over the last time I did these five weeks ago! I wasn't able to use the power rack to set these up tonight, it was busy, so I got someone to hand me the weight from the floor. The setup on the first rep was a bit awkward as we both figured out what we were doing. Got some good work in so I'm not overly worried about the weight drop.

Preacher Curl x6 @9
Est. 1RM: 56 kgs
35 x6 x1 @7
40 x6 x1 @8
45 x6 x1 @9

I've had ridiculous DOMS for the last two days since my last deadlift/squat training session. Hamstrings, lower back, mid back, traps. Stiff everywhere! I made a lot of old man noises over the last couple of days