RTS #12: W3-D4 (S, 5/10/2013)

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[Went to train around the wrist injury today. Wrist felt about 70%. Had to call most sets short and couldn't give proper effort into the training. Still working on rehabilitating the wrist.]

Bodyweight: 82.7kg/181.94lbs

2" Deficit Deadlift
Work up to x5 @9 (load drop, 6-9% fatigue)
Bar x 5/5
50kg x 5 @6
70kg x 5 @6.5
80kg x 5 @8

Work up to x5 @9 (load drop, 4-6% fatigue)
Bar x 5/5
40kg x 6 @6
47.5kg x 6 @8

Snatch Grip SLDL
Work up to x5 @9 (load drop, 6-9% fatigue)
Bar x 5

[Some GPP Aspects]
Neglected Muscle
Standing Cable Crunch
25kg x 10/10

Seated Cable Row
40kg x 10/10

Mobility (Pre and Post Workout)
Band Resisted Stretching

Mental Recovery Techniques
Psychological Practice
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