Mark Dowling

2013 Week 41 Deadlift & Squat - Another Step in the Right Direction

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Deadlift w/belt x5 @9 4-6%
Est. 1RM: 277 kgs
200 x2 x1 @7
213.5 x5 x1 @9
202.5 x5 x1 @9

+2 kg PR. Rep speeds varied from ~1.2 seconds to ~1.4 seconds on the top set. Based on that data, it was definitely a 9 or under given the speed of my lifts at my last competition. I don't know if I'm too eager to rate my deadlift fatigue sets as 9 and just move on, or if I'm actually getting it right. I never seem to do more than one down set. Perhaps it's enough at the moment given my progress?
I ate too much, too shortly before I deadlifted today. I had about 3 hours between lunch and my top work set but I was too full and under more pressure on my stomach than I'd like. I had a good day either way, so no complaints, just a note.

Squat +chain x4 @9 4-6%
Est. 1RM: 169 kgs
135 x4 x1 @7.5
145 x4 x1 @9
137.5 x4 x2 @8
137.5 x4 x1 @9

+4 kg PR. Got in a good amount of volume here, so I was happy with that.

Lever Rows x7 @9 4-6%
Est. 1RM: 89 kgs
50 x7 x1 @7
60 x7 x1 @8
62.5 x7 x1 @7.5
70 x7 x1 @9 79%
66.25 x7 x1 @9

+9 kg PR. I think some of this was driven by the position at which I placed the handle along the lever. Either way, I felt strong and got some good work in.

Incline Situp x7 @9
Est. 1RM: 20 kgs
10 x7 x1 @6.5
15 x7 x1 @8
15 x7 x1 @9.5

+1 kg PR. I really like these for ab work and feel like they give the best bang for my buck by a long way. I've used seated weighted crunches a good bit but each time I do I end up straining something on my right groin area. The same doesn't seem to happen here but I do need to make sure I stretch out my hip flexors plenty.