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Meet Results! (video)

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USAPL Southeast Regionals

Squat: 672, 722, 744
Bench: 424, 435, 444
Deadlift: 760, 799, 843
Went 9/9 and the deadlift was an American record!

As Iíve written in my log, I strained my back about two weeks ago or so. It wasnít bad, so last week (one week out) I opted to train through the meet rather than do a traditional taper (which was already messed up).

I was feeling pretty good today. It was a really nice venue with lots of space. I had to rush my warm-ups just a bit since there were other people who were exceptionally bad at timing their own. One guy who opened at the front of his flight was still warming up with me (who opened at the end)

As an aside, if you donít know how to warm up for a powerlifting contest, Iíll be putting together some materials that will help you soon.

I hit my warm up like I normally do, so I went with Plan A and went to 722. Stroked that one pretty solidly as well. I debated going to 750 and I think it was there, but I decided to go 2.5kg under that to 744. That way I was a little more confident and the 3rd would be a little easier, which leaves more gas in the tank for deadlift.

For whatever reason, as I was warming up the bench I felt a painful twinge in my left pec. It started with 135, but didnít get better or worse through the warm ups. I was a little concerned on my opener of 425, but it moved okay. Still hurt, but not better or worse. I considered passing on my 2nd and 3rd. This was a small meet and was definitely NOT worth getting injured. But I wanted the 9/9, so I took a small jump to 435. That was easy too and felt slightly better. I made another small jump to 444. I pushed it slowly just to avoid excess tension on my pec, but it was quite easy. Now, after the meet my pec is sore, but I think it will be fine in a day or two.

I was pretty excited to pull. During the warm ups, I could tell that it was on. Everything felt fast and easy. I killed the opener of 760. We went with Plan A and jumped to 799. I stroked that solidly too. Initially we continued with Plan A and went to 832. But talking with my handler and looking at the video, I thought it was worth a shot to load a PR of 843. I pulled it reasonably quickly. My grip was JUUUUUST starting to slip a little when I got the down command and I had to celebrate after I got those 3 white lights! Iíve pulled 850 in a meet, but this is the most Iíve ever pulled with the stiff Elieko bars.

I think this puts me in a great position to do well at the December contest. If I can stay healthy and train hard, I think taking a shot at 860 is a real possibility. Iím going to really hammer the grip work between now and then.

Tomorrow, Iím putting on a short deadlift clinic at Florida Atlantic University. Tuesday I fly to Texas for an interview with Mark Rippetoe. Then later in the week I go to Maryland for the exclusive RTS Training Day in Rockville, Maryland. Really looking forward to the rest of this trip.
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  1. Blaine Sumner's Avatar
    Amazing lifting Mike! Hope the pec is just minor. And that pull was smooth like butter.

    I'll be driving through Witchita Falls Tuesday and Thursday for work. Would love to swing by but I'll have people with me so won't be able to.
  2. BobW's Avatar
    Well done, sir. Well done.

    Hope the pec comes round quickly, sounds like it will.

    Congratulations, Mike. Everything is clicking well for you. I'm proud to be part of RTS!
  3. Tom Kelly's Avatar
    Congrats Mike. Awesome lifting!!
  4. FrmrHoss's Avatar
    Saw the results on facebook and was beyond excited for you man. Good work.
  5. oldlifter50's Avatar
    Congratulations Mike, good work there and all 3 looked like you had some more in you.
  6. Mark Robb's Avatar
    Great Job Mike! Congratulations on beating your previous American Record!
  7. TrueResolve's Avatar
    With only one meet under my belt I would definitely appreciate a solid article on warming up at a meet.

    Saw Layne post a pic and your total last night, but the videos made it look easy.
  8. Nielsson's Avatar
    Congrats! Way to pull it off, even though things didnt go as planned up to the meet. And good work holding on tight to that bar during the last deadlift
  9. TRON's Avatar
    Success x9!
    Very great looking lifts and numbers.
  10. savinas's Avatar
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