Week 1 Day 5

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Rack Deadlifts:

-These were great, was suppose to do a set of 3 at RPE 9, this week has mostly been me finding where my strength is. Now I have a better idea what weights to use for the following weeks. Decided to do 2 sets at 345 to try to get to an RPE of 9, didnt want to do to much though.

Close Grip Bench Press:

-These were very good, picked the perfect weight for my top set.

Snatch Grip SLDL:

-Never done these before, the 255 was heavy but I had 2 reps left in me I feel like. Was going to do another set but this week is not suppose to be to many sets and since I did an extra set of Racks I decided not to.

Week In Review:
I have one more workout this week which is tomorrow but its a GPP workout, so this week of weights is done. First week was great, now I have a better idea of where my strength is on some different lifts which will help with me determining the weights to use in the future for them. Workouts have been very enjoyable. Looking forward to next weeks weights.


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