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Year 66, session 1, max

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Well after a evening of overeating at Red Lobster wif the missus, I am paying the price. You know the scene, like a feast in a medieval castle. More food! More drink! What's that guy eating? Brontosaurus leg! Bring me two of them! More food and drink!
I am exaggerating a little, but when I got on the scale this morning it did not seem that way- 225! Thats 4 lbs in 2 days. Not quite lean an mean.
So I have been thinking of maxing for a while. The last time was May 23 this year. I didnt think it would be pretty, and I was not disappointed.
335x1@10+ miss about 2-3 inches off the floor, not even close
max=325, down from 365, thats a 11% decrease in 6 months

Bench T&G
225x1@7.5 hit the j-hook
245x1@8.5 butt up a little
255x1@10 moved feet around, still butt up a little. Invented a few new curse words. Ug-f@ckin-ly!
260x1@10+ miss about half way up, but dont worry, I beat the shit out of that bar for making me miss!
max=255, down from 290, thats a 12% decrease in 6 months

Seriously tho, a guy cant help but think about his own mortality when he gets older. Words like declining and strength dont seem to me to go together. I realize that I have had some nagging injuries in the past 6 months, and that is probably a big reason for the poor showing. My volume has been down and it is a struggle to keep it high.
I have learned that in deadlift, I need to emphasize pauses more. I have been shying away from them because of the piriformis issue, but it seems all better, and I should start doing pauses again, cautiously.
I have learned in the benchpress, I have neglected the overload and slingshot work as of late. I just dont handle much weight, that need to change. I have moved my grip in a little and that may have helped the shoulder a little. It bitches from time to time, sometimes worse, sometimes better. It's going to be there, so get over it, and learn to lift when it is better and do other stuff when it is worse. I dont know if this is a cure-all for aging, but hells bells, I am going to keep lifting in some capacity for a long time, so....get back to work!
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  1. Casey Miller's Avatar
    Forget about age, it isn't within your control. You have been battling injuries, and you seem to be on the mend. So, get back to work. Your strength will come back, and I am confident you will set new PRs. How sweet will that be? Take it easy on the overload work, some is good, more isn't better. Junior has been programming a lot of high rep and large TUT work for me, and I admit to cursing him at times and asking myself if he ever actually tried a six rep set of 303 tempo squats, but it is building a base, and I know I am improving. So, put the hard, but intelligent, work in, and you have abundant progress that you will make. I am sure of it!
  2. Bull's Avatar
    Okay, even though I am a younger man, I have to disagree on the age issue. It can't make such a big difference in a few months. What does make a difference in the deadlift, though, is the width of your belly. I am not saying you're fat or anything like that, but you have had that National holiday of yours and eating a lot. Speaking from my own experience, a bigger belly ruins my deadlift.
    I also think that overload work is essential in the bench press!
  3. Mark Twain's Avatar
    I agree with you guys on the overload work, some is good, even essential, more is not necessarily better.
    I feel that I know what type and amount of work to do in the future, the important thing is to stay at it, like Mr Miller, says, stay smart.